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Can the SIM card be used in BOTH France and Spain, from the first moment it is installed? Thank you very much!

The Sim card is only available in Spain

Having the SIM card ordered, prepaid and delivered to one's lodging in SJPdP is an excellent service! Is there a higher data option available for the SIM card (for example, do you have a 4GB option?)

The sim is available for 4G, it's depend of your mobil and spanish netwoork

Which city to begin?

The city where you to strart depend a lot where you are from, and which way you want to do? ect..

Attendance of the way in October?

For October, approximately twice fewer pilgrims than during September (period of very strong influxes approximately 400 people by days in Saint jean pied de port and approximately 900 a day to Sarria). But from October 15th a lot of accommodation begins to close their doors.


At O Cebreiro we will find a Municipal Albergue for pilgrom here:

puy en velay

A nice city

where sleeping at Leon near the way

To Léon you will find 3 establishments near the way by copying the link below

Where can i get crédential?

You can order your Crédential on internet or at Saint Jean pied de port at the pilgrim's office.

How reach Bruxelles from Burgos?

The simplest is to join Madrid. Since Burgos the bus with the company assures the connection several times by days, the price varies from 18 euros to 26 euros and it has the advantage to stop in the terminal T4 of the airport. Since Madrid several flights are available for a 77-euro minimum price.

Attendance of the way in September?

The attendance of the way (camino francès) in September. It is the period with May or pilgrims are the most numerous. 400 people a day in holy jeans foot of port between 800 and 1000 a day after Sarria in Galicia.

Bigin at Le puy en Velay 16 of july 2017

Good idea!!

How reach logrono from Marseille?

The company Eurolones do it


The reservation is not necessary when we travel alone excepted for place of departure (if we arrive late for example) For the groups or if you want single rooms, the reservation is necessary especially in May June, the end of August and September in France and All year long on the camino francès.

What city will be the most adapted to begin way?

Difficult to answer this question. If you are in public transportation, the most adapted city is the one which served by transport the closest from your home. If you are by car, no matter the place of departure, the problem will be to join your place of departure in public transportation or in shuttle (in compgnie France la malle postale, and transport claudine..)

How reach Saint jean pied de port?

Saint jean pied de port is on the line of train SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) since Bayonne. It is thus necessary to join Bayonne by the train. Since Biarritz of the taxi brings you to Saint Jean and a regular bus line brings you to the station of train of Bayonne. Since Spain the company of buses ALSA proposes buses.

The French part of the way it usually cuts up in four left. Or approximately 11 days of walking.
First part: Le Puy en Velay in Conques
Second part: Conques to Moissac
The third part: Moissac in Aire-sur-l'Adour
The fourth part: Aire-sur-l'Adour in Roncesvalles (Spain)

Transport to and from the principal cities

Puy en Velay


Lyon airport : at 135 km
Clermont Ferrand airport : at 127km
Transfer from airport


SNCF : ligne vers Clermont Ferrand et Lyon

Transport company


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Aire sur l’Adour


Biarritz airport at 177km
Pau airport at 66km


SNCF closest train station Agen 134km and Pau 66km


SNCF line Pau Agen and Pau Mont de Marsan

Transport company



Biarritz airport at 55km
Biarritz airport to Bayonne train station : Schuttles bus 14

Pau airport at 90km

Lourdes airport at 152km
Bilbao Spain at 150km
Bilbao airport to Bilbao bus station : Bizkaibus 3247

Pampelune Spain at 88km
Bus 16 et 21


SNCF Bayonne train station

Transport company

Spain have a transport network in common on the way more developed than France. His network of train is effective and is very well completed by a service of bus. In big cities, buses have their bus station in full city center.
To make way partially it is better to join or to leave a big city whom are: Pamplona, Logroño, Burgos, Sahagun, Léon, Sarria and Santiago of compostela even if in almost every city you will find a correspondence.

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Pampelune airport
Shuttles from Pamplona airport to the center : bus 16 et 21

Santander airport at 253km
Madrid airport



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Madrid airport at 370km
Santander airport at 234km






Madrid airport at 243km
Santander airport at 182km


To get train station take the bus 43 from Plaza España

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Bus route Léon Santander



Madrid airport at 341km
Santander airport at 274km



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Santiago de Compostela airport at 164km




Santiago de Compostela


Santiago de Compostela airport
Madrid airport at 600km



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Practical advice


France and Spain are situated in Eurozones.
Inform you with your bank for the banking charges in case of possible retreat for payment. Some banks have international agreements for the free access of expenses.


Climates vary a great deal of a region in the other one, there is no main rule.

In France climates are of moderate oceanic types. There are however peaks of colds or hot season according to the seasons. If in March and April are months when it is generally raining, we often observe very pleasant temperatures.

In France: between Le Puy en Velay and Conques: the climate is of continental type, it is cold the winter there. We can find some snow till the end of May. For the walking, from May 15th until October 15th.

From Conques to the North of the department of the Pyrénées Atlantiques, the climate is of trend oceanic. The spring is rainy and the summer can be scorching. For the walking from May till July and of the end of August in mid-October.

The Basque Country and the crossing of Pyrenees. The Basque Country is a thus rainy green region. We observe some snow till the end of May. The best months for the walking(step) are of June in mid-October. However in April can turn out perfect for the walking.

In Spain: Navarre and La Rioja, are particularly hot regions of in the middle of June in September. However, pilgrims walk largely in the morning, the pilgrim so avoids the hottest moments.

Castille, is a high plateau 800m of height. It is a climate of cold continental type during 9 months and warmly the summer.
The climate of the most western part of Castile is to be moved closer to the Galician climate. It is a rainy climate, or it is very cold rarely or very warmly.

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The bag filled does not have to exceed 15 % of your weight.
A bag 50 liters - one 40/45 liters can do, the limited advantage the volume to be taken and thus the weight, the bag has to contain a label luggage.
CLOTHING: it will be a function of the season, we took the option of a typical bag for spring in France, in Spain.

-2 pairs of underpants (special sport), attention on elastics (rubber bands)!
-1 silk boxer shorts to be used under the pair of shorts in case of heating(warm-up).
- 3 pairs of special socks
-1 shirt short sleeve high neck with zipper
-1 shirt short sleeve or T-shirt
-1 light polar pullover, high neck, zipper
-1 polar jacket of the jacket goretex, often serves as pillow
- 1 blouse or T-shirt
-1 pair of shorts
-1 pants pair of shorts
-1 protection rain, 1 protection rain of backpack -1 cap or a hat, a scarf, a hat(cap).

-1 umbrella
- 1 sleeping bag 650gr, not compulsory: there are covers everywhere
- 1 knife with fork, spoon, opens box and corkscrew
- 1 pair of beach sandals, useful in case of bulbs
- 1 gourd attached to the side to be used by walking
- A small reserve of water in the bag
- 1 very small flashlight (to use the night in the holiday cottage)
- 1 very small lighter - a small heating electrode
- 1 thread (approximately 4m) and 6 small clothes pegs
- 1 small sewing kit
- 1 camera, its charger if battery(drum kit), diskette, key USB
- A little toilet paper
- Sunglasses and if need be view(sight)
- 1 stick of hike or 2 for the comfort and to relieve the joints(articulations)
- 1 mattress of foam ground the lightest possible
- 1 mobile phone, its charger - a watch
- 1 small log book for the thoughts - paper and pens

Optional: a small Swiss army knife in the bag, very useful for its scissors, tweezers, toothpick. A foil blanket, pushes away(repels) mosquitoes. Small gaiters, compass), one carries, map

Schedules, system-metrics and temperature

The day of weekly closure is Sunday for both countries. In Spain many store closes on Saturday afternoon.
In France the opening hours of shops are of: 9 at 12:30 am and from 2 pm till 7 pm.

In Spain the opening hours of shops are: 10 hours at 1:30 pm and from 5 pm till 8 pm.

For the meals, in France they take at about 12:30 am and in the evening at about 7:30 pm.

In Spain, they take at about 1:30 pm and after 8:30 pm.

The metric system, of weight, temperature and their equivalences
1 mile = 1,609 meters
2,2lb = 1 kilogram
32 °f = O degree
50 °f = 10 degrees
90 °f = 32,2 degrees.

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Weather forecast

For France :
For Spain :


ma carte sim pour le chemin de saint jacques

To phone towards Spain it is necessary to make 00 33 before the number

To phone towards France it is necessary to make 0034 before the number and to delete 0 ; 00 33 ( 0 ) 53 47 …

Orange sells phonecards allowing international calls at a lower cost. But to acquire it, your telephone must be freed and you have to present your passport.

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