General conditions of sale

The present general may be modified in a punctual way and apply to all our services(departments), available directly or indirectly line, by e-mail or by telephone.

By reaching our web site, by making searches(researches) there, by using it and/or by making a reservation there, you declare to have acquainted with the present general terms of use and with our charter of confidentiality, to understand the impact and to accept them.

These pages and their contents as well as the reservation service of on-line accommodations which is supplied on these pages and through this web site ( the "Service") belong and are managed and supplied by

They are only provided you with for personal use and not commercial which remains subjected to general terms of use established below.

By means of this web site, we supply an on-line portal grace in which all the types of temporary professional accommodations hotels, motels, and guest houses, indicated together by the "accommodation"(s) can propose their rooms in the reservation, and grace in which the visitors of the web site can make a reservation in the same establishments.

By making a reservation through you make a commitment in a direct contractual relation with the establishment concerned by your reservation. From the moment you make a reservation, we act only as intermediary between you and the establishment, by passing on him the details of your reservation and by sending you an e-mail of confirmation for and on his behalf.

The advice, measure in kilometres etc… is given by for information purposes. cannot be held responsible for possible errors.

The accommodations fix their conditions of refund0. If you cancel your reservation, by respecting the conditions of refund, facilitates your refund with hosts. The latter has by contract 1 (one) month to pay off. In case of refund by bank transfer, the host can make a restraint of money of the amount of the banking charges.

During the service of our services, the information which we communicate bases itself on the information which give us establishments.

Establishments detain the full responsibility to update all their price lists, availability and other information posted on our web site. Although we try hard to supply a quality service, we cannot either verify, or guarantee the accuracy, the precision or the exhaustiveness of the information, and we cannot be held responsible for any error (obvious error or typographic fault), any interruption of service (due to a technical failure, it is temporary and/or partial, breakdown, repair, update, improvement or maintenance of our web or other site), any indistinct information misleading or erroneous, either everything is lacking information. Every establishment remains responsible at any time for the precise, complete and exact character of the information which concern him and which are posted(shown) on our web site, including of its price lists and availability. Our web site does not establish and must not be considered as any shape of recommendation or approval of the quality, the level of service or the classification of every establishment proposed to the visitors.

Our services are only available for a private and not commercial use.

You cannot thus resell, use, copy, watch to post, to download, to reproduce or to establish deep links towards any contents or any information, any software and/or any products or services available on our web site within the framework of an activity or of a commercial or competitive objective. All the price lists posted on our web site are indicated by room for all the duration of the stay. They include the taxes submitted to modification, except opposite mention on our web site or on the email of confirmation of reservation. Lower price lists are sometimes available on our web site for certain dates in a given establishment. However, these lower price lists proposed by establishments can be submitted to conditions and specific limitations, in particular as regards the conditions of cancellation and repayment. Please consult with attention the descriptions of rooms and price lists to acquaint with such conditions before making your reservation.

Our Service is free for the pilgrims (customers), except freshly banking emitted by your bank.

The payment is realized in a way secured since your card of credit / debit or your bank account towards that of the establishment, through a processor of third payment.

Before making your reservation, please consult with attention the description of rooms to acquaint with such conditions.

In case of fraudulent use of your bank card or unauthorized use of this one by thirds(third parties), most of the banks and the issuing companies of credit cards cover the risk and assume all the expenses resulting from the aforementioned fraud or the unauthorized use, the deduction made by a possible frankness.

To be able to proceed to your compensation by the hotel, assure that you informed your bank or company of credit card of this fraud or unauthorized use (according to their regulations of procedures of information) and please contact us immediately by email.

Thank you for being willing to indicate "fraudulent use of a bank card" in the subject of your e-mail and to provide you an evidence of the frankness. This compensation applies only to the reservations by bank card made on the secure server and if the unauthorized use of your bank card does not result from an error from you of the use of the aforementioned secure server.

By making a reservation in an establishment, you recognize to have read and accepted the conditions of cancellation and non-presentation of the establishment, as well as all the additional conditions of the aforementioned establishment which can apply to your reservation or during your stay, including for services provided and/or products proposed by the establishment (the general terms of sale of an establishment can be obtained with the very establishment). The general conditions of cancellation and non-presentation appropriate to every establishment are indicated on the personal pages of establishments on our web site; they are also called back (also reminded) during the process of reservation and in the e-mail of confirmation of reservation. Please note hat certain price lists or special offers do not allow of cancelled and to modify the reservation. You are thus invited to acquaint with conditions of every accommodation before making your reservation.

The reservations require a total payment according to the corresponding terms of payment of the establishment and the reservation. You will be considered responsible for any delay in payment, any account ID, of credit card or erroneous debits, any card of not valid credit / debit or any insufficient funds and can claim to no refund of a meadow payment unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the establishment.

If you wish to consult, to modify or to cancel your reservation, would like postpone in the e-mail of confirmation and follow the instructions which are indicated to it. Please note that any cancellation can pull expenses, according to the conditions of cancellation, of (prepayment and of non-presentation of establishments and that it is possible that amounts paid are not paid off. We advise you to read attentively these conditions of cancellation before making your reservation and making any payment to come for the deadlines suited for the aforementioned reservation.

By making a reservation, you agree to receive an e-mail that we can send you before and after your date of arrival in the establishment, which will contain information on your destination and relevant offers for your stay.

Denial of responsibility

According to the limits established in the present general terms of use and authorized by the law, we can be held responsible only if you suffered, paid or underwent the direct damage which can be imputed to a defect of our obligations within the framework of our services. This damage can rise up to the amount accumulated by the total cost of your reservation, such as indicated in the e-mail of confirmation, such as it is about an isolated event or about a series of bound events.

Nevertheless and in the statutory measure, neither we nor our leaders(managers), frames, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, members, distributors, partners (of distribution), holders of sublicenses, agents or other people implied in the creation, the sponsoring, the promotion or the provision of the site and its contents, can be held responsible for any losses or any punitive, special, indirect or consecutive damage, loss of production, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of commercial opportunity, loss or infringement on the mark or in it, reputation, either loss of the right for compensation; any inaccuracy bound to the information, descriptive of the establishment (including its price, his availability and his(her,its) classification) put at the disposal on our web site; any supplied or produced services proposed by the establishment or the other partners; any damage, losses and costs (punitive, special, indirect or consecutive) suffered, undergone or paid by you, attributable in, ensuing of or bound to the use of our web site, the impossibility of its use or its slowing down of functioning; any physical injury, death, damage in the properties or other damage, the losses or the costs (direct, indirect, special, consecutive or punitive) suffered, undergone or paid by you, that they are owed to legal acts of the errors, the breaches, the carelessness, the deliberate professional misconduct, the omissions, the non-fulfillment of contract, denaturations of the facts, in the wrong(disadvantage) or in the responsibility objective attributable completely or partially to the establishment (including his employees, his direction, his persons in charge, his agents, his representatives or his members among whom products and services are directly or indirectly proposed or promoted on or via our web site, including any cancellation even partial overbooking, strike, case of absolute necessity or other event independent from our will.

That the Accommodation where you stay charges you (or charged to you) the price list of your accommodation or what we facilitated this payment, you recognize and accept that the Accommodation is responsible at any time for the collection, for the restraint, for the payment and for the payment of the applicable taxes owed on the total amount of the price list of the accommodation to the concerned financial authorities. is neither responsible nor indebted of the payment, the collection, the restraint or the payment of the concerned applicable taxes owed on the price list of the Accommodation to the concerned financial authorities.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the necessary software for our services or given on our web site and used by the latter, as well as the intellectual property rights of the contents, the information and the materials(equipments) of our web site, are the exclusive property of remains the unique owner of all the rights, the titles and the interests relative to all the intellectual property rights of the Web site, his presentation and his infrastructure including on whom the service is available.

Consequently, you are not authorized to copy, to create links (hyper or deep) towards our contents, to publish, to promote, to market, to integrate(join) or to use in any other way our contents or our mark(brand) without our formal written authorization.

As far as you would use (a part or our entire contents or would hold intellectual property rights on our web site, our contents, any illegal use or above-mentioned action will constitute a substantial violation of our intellectual property rights.

According to the law, the present general terms of use and the service of our services are subjected in and governed by the French law.

Any dispute resulting from present general terms of use and from our services must be exclusively notified to the French competent authorities.

If one of the capacities of these general terms of use is or becomes a disabled person, non-enforceable or non-binding, you remain bound by all other capacities established in these conditions. If that was the case, capacities disabled persons must be applied in the possible limits of the law and you agree to conform to capacities which would have the same effects as the terms disabled persons, non-enforceable or non-binding of these of these general terms of use.

The comments which you can leave on the site must be useful for the next customer and do not have to denigrate the properties and the people and do not have to contain of racist characters. By leaving comments on the site, you accept that they belong in

The original of these general conditions is drafted in French and only ones this one are valid.

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