How to book on resa-camino?

To reserve on reservation-camino: it is necessary to choose the city of departure (where you sleep) and the city of arrived (where you sleep) as well as the date to which you walk and to repeat the operation if you want to reserve several stages. Then click " to look for accommodation ". Choose accommodation and click to end my command to pay or click to continue my way.
Either choose the city directly on the homepage in " destination the most frequent on Saint James way ". Choose an accommodation, end its command or continue to reserve in the following places.

Is it possible to reserve without credit card?

No, a credit card of current validity is necessary for the reservation.

There are of the expenses of file there?


Resa-camino keeps the banking data?

No, contrary to the big group occupying Web, reservation-camino does not keep your banking data.

I paid deposit, when am I sold ?

After interrogation of your bank, you are immediately produced.

What is the difference enters to pay deposit and a cash payment?

The deposit are asked or not by the host, but you can choose to settle all of price of the room.

How works resa-camino?

Resa-camino puts in link of the pilgrims and hosts. Hosts put on sale their rooms on reservation-camino. The pilgrims build their stages then choose the accommodation in the list of city chosen previously. Having consulted the conditions of repayment of every accommodation, the pilgrims pay deposit to hosts to block the reservation. The customers receive then an e-mail of confirmation.

How to choose my steps?

To choose your steps, you can choose your city of departure then your cities to arrive.
Or, choose in cities most frequently chosen.