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resa camino I work on saint james way for 6 years. We are often for the foreigners, the first contact with professionals working on saint james way. Beyond our carrier's mission we are brought to give advice to the future pilgrims.
The mutual aid is one of the values conveyed by saint james way.
Of this report, I owed, more still, help the pilgrims in their preparation.
The idea of resacamino.com is to facilitate the reservation by the pilgrims in any sorts of accommodations. Resacamino.com has to allow the pilgrims to compare the accommodations, to reserve in one or several accommodations, and finally to leave a comment for the next pilgrims.
All this by proposing in the accommodations a quality site as high as their services. Without ever forgetting that they are unique; resacamino.com has to allow them to keep their independence by a monthly subscription, and by conditions of cancellations appropriate to each of them
Buen camino


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